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Gym Equipment Direct Blog

1. Replace Flooring


This is a simple way to transform the general look of your gym while keeping to budget. With a relatively quick install to keep disruption to a minimum this is the number one recommended method.

 Check out our gym flooring here 


2. Rearranging Floor Space

Zoning is a term often referred to in functional spaces where the space is broken down according to the purpose behind the activities to be carried out and arranged so they are in the ideal spot. GED can help plan and move your gym equipment to ensure your members are able to complete their workouts as enjoyably and efficiently as possible.

Call us for a free Zone Analysis in your gym or alternatively check out our fantastic free gym planner


3. Replace Fitness Accessories

Replacing smaller equipment will complement your existing equipment and offer more training options. Additionally, this is relatively inexpensive.

Some product examples include the following:

Aerobic Steps & Plyometric Boxes

Exercise Balls & Medicine Balls

Battle Ropes & Power Ropes

Fitness Accessories


4. Add New Strength Machines

GED keep up to date on the latest machines and technologies designed to give the best possible workout. New ranges are introduced often to keep up with market trends and ensure we keep one step ahead of the competition. Adding new pieces of equipment to fill gaps is a great way to freshen up your gym and your members will appreciate it!

We have 130+ commercial strength pieces from leading brands including MasterKraft, Impulse, SportsArt, Healthstream, and Body-Solid.


5. Cosmetic updates such as fresh paint, posters with inspirational messages and floor designs

Decorating the gym with inspirational message, new floor drawings with practical uses such as markers for squats are brilliant ways to quickly update the overall gym look. 

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What are Yorkshire Brewery Apartments?

A restorative renew of the old Yorkshire Brewery this new development of beautiful apartments in Collingwood was a fantastic project for our team to be a part of. 

What was the Project?

Engaged by the developers we were counted on to provide cardio and fitness equipment which would be durable and reliable for the new residents and ensure the gym space was utilised to its full potential. 

Our Client's Thoughts?

"Steve and Glen provided an excellent level of service from day one. After meeting onsite and assessing the space available they recommended the most appropriate equipment that could be used within a large scale residential development. The result was purchasing suitable treadmills and bikes that can be used daily by over 700 residents. Overall my experience was fantastic. I would definitely recommend them to other property developers looking to purchase gym equipment for a project of any size" Ben McCann

If you are in the market for gym equipment, call the team at Gym Equipment Direct for unbiased expert advice. Ph: 03 9972 5918.  


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There are so many different pieces of home gym equipment out there and if you are just getting set up it can be overwhelming trying to decide what to get. There are a number of different factors you’ll need to consider when choosing what equipment to buy for your home gym, including how much space you have, your level of fitness and personal exercise preferences and goals.

Gym equipment doesn’t come cheap and you want to make sure that you choose pieces that will give you the best possible results and provide a versatile, full body workout. We’ve made it easier for you to decide with our five recommendations for the best home gym pieces.

  1. 1.Multi Gym

This must-have piece of gym equipment lets you work your whole body in a variety of different ways. Great for strength training and maximum space efficiency, a multi gym should be at the top of your home gym shopping list. You can find an excellent range of multi gym options to suit all budgets and levels of fitness here.

  1. 2.Rower

Rowing machines are fantastic for home use. They take up relatively little space and offer a full cardiovascular workout as well as improving upper and lower body strength. Unlike many other forms of cardiovascular exercise like running and cycling, rowing works your whole body including your legs, your core and your upper body and back. Find out more about our rowing machines here.

  1. 3.Flat/Incline/Decline Weight Bench

A good quality adjustable weight bench should be the cornerstone of your home gym. Adjustable weight benches are more versatile than traditional benches and when coupled with a weight rack they can help you meet all your strength training goals safely and effectively. Ideal for home use, adjustable benches are more mobile than traditional weight benches, and are usually easier to store. Check out the different types of adjustable weight benches to find the one that’s right for you.

  1. 4.Smith Machine/Power Racks

When you’re working out at home, you need to be aware of safety. Lifting weights alone without a spotter can be dangerous and a weight rack can help you stay safe by catching the weight if something goes wrong. As well as helping you work out safely, a weight rack is versatile and will enable you to do a number of strength exercises that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to. There are plenty of different smith machine and power rack options out there to suit different budgets and levels of fitness.

  1. 5.Choose a mix of Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Barbells & Weight Plates

Weight plates, dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells are the staple of any gym, complementing the strength equipment you have to add variety to your workout. You can do a huge range of different exercises and work every muscle in your body.

Getting these five essential pieces for your home gym will get you off to a great start and help you reach your fitness goals safely and effectively without even having to leave the house.

Posted in Latest News By Gym Equipment Direct

Training at home is the ideal solution for anyone who doesn’t want to go to the gym. Many people choose to train at home because they don’t enjoy working out in a gym environment, or because their schedules are hectic and they have trouble getting to the gym. Fortunately, family commitments, erratic work hours or shift work, or a lack of available gyms nearby don’t need to get in the way of a good workout.

Home gym equipment is easy to use and can produce the same great results as you would get at the gym, without having to fork out for a gym membership. You don’t have to go to the gym to lose weight, you can reach your goals quickly and effectively by training at home, especially if you focus on high intensity interval training.

What is high intensity interval training?

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is when you work out in short bursts of very intense exercise, followed by a break. This style of training really suits people who have limited time and once you understand how it works, you can apply it to a wide range of different exercises, from strength to cardio for great results.

Why is HIIT so great for weight loss?

HIIT has been proven by numerous studies to be among the most effective type of exercise for weight loss and is suitable for people of any age and level of fitness.

The reason HIIT works so well is believed to be due to a number of different factors including the fact it increases your resting metabolic rate. This means that for 24 hours after training you will burn more calories even when you’re just sitting around doing nothing. It has also been shown to lead to significant spikes in growth hormone levels, which aid fat loss, and unlike continuous cardio, HIIT preserves and increases muscle development so that you lose fat, not muscle.

How can I do HIIT at home?

There are plenty of HIIT workouts out there, and even apps that can help you plan a training program to meet your goals. The basic principle is to go hard for 45 seconds and rest for 15, or for other intervals of different durations. You can do this using weights, bodyweight exercises, cardio or strength equipment.

As an example, if you have a rowing machine, try warming up for a few minutes then doing an intense burst of rowing for one minute before easing off for another minute. Keep going for as many sets as you can – after 20 minutes or so you should feel like you have run a marathon.

Make sure you are well hydrated before doing a HIIT session and always build up slowly so you don’t get injured. Take time to warm up and cool down afterwards and give yourself plenty of time to recover between workouts. A regular program of HIIT training mixed with other exercise will help you get rid of that excess weight in less time than you think. 

Posted in Latest News By Gym Equipment Direct

Why Choose a Home Gym?

October 18, 2018

Home gyms are becoming increasingly popular among the fitness conscious and those who are looking to build more exercise and activity into their life. There are a number of reasons why many people decide to work out at home rather than go to a commercial gym and plenty of benefits of working out at home.

Here are six reasons why so many people choose a home gym over a gym membership:

1.Home gyms are family friendly. Working out at a commercial gym is often not an option for parents with young children. Many gyms won’t allow kids for safety reasons so investing in a home gym may be the only way to keep in shape while juggling family commitments.

2.Home gyms are great for people who are self-conscious. Not everyone wants to be on public display as they sweat through a workout. Many people who aren’t comfortable in a gym environment are not going to be motivated to keep going, whereas when they are at home in a relaxed environment they are more likely to keep it up long term.

3.Home gyms are ideal for those who are short on time. With a home gym not only can you work out on your own schedule, you don’t have to factor in travel time, which can make a big difference.

4.Home gyms are low cost. After the initial outlay, home gym equipment will last a long time, whereas with gym memberships, the costs over time can really add up.

5.Home gyms are great for people with personal trainers. If you decide to engage the services of a personal trainer, with your own gym, they can come to you rather than you having to travel to them. This is more convenient and can save a lot of time.

6.You never have to wait for equipment. Gyms can get busy during peak times and trying to get on popular machines can often mean waiting around. When you have your own equipment you don’t have to wait, it’s always there ready for you to use.

With so many great reasons to work out at home, it’s no wonder home gyms are so popular. Home gyms are a cost effective, time efficient and convenient way for people to get fit and enjoy an active lifestyle without having to leave home. Check out our home gym options here.

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Having an on site gym can be beneficial for any business. A healthier workforce mean less time off sick and increased productivity, and perks like a company gym can help you attract and retain high quality employees. For many companies, a gym on site is a must-have but it’s important to be aware that corporate gyms have different requirements to home gyms and commercial gyms.

What are the must have pieces for a corporate gym?

When you are looking to equip your corporate gym, the best pieces are low maintenance or even maintenance free while still giving great results. At GED we recommend that at the very minimum you have:

1.Strength pieces. Strength equipment is essential for all stages and levels of fitness as it helps to build muscle mass, thereby reducing body fat and helping to burn more calories even when at rest. A variety of strength pieces are a good idea so that your employees can get a full body workout.

2.Cable machine or functional trainer. This is a highly versatile piece of strength equipment, which is very space efficient and lets users work a whole range of different muscles.

3.Exercise Bike. Most people are familiar with using stationary bikes and it’s a good idea to have at least one available. Great for low impact cardio and strength training, the bike also helps build lower body strength and endurance.

4.Cross trainer. The cross trainer or elliptical trainer is low impact to reduce strain on joints while offering a great cardiovascular workout. Cross trainers are very popular in commercial gyms, and a must have for corporate gyms.

5.Treadmill. Another staple for any gym, a treadmill lets your employees get a good cardiovascular workout and build their endurance even when it’s dark and pouring with rain outside.

These five pieces of equipment can cover most fitness types and give your employees some variation in their workouts so they don’t get bored. Of course there are plenty of other pieces you can add for extra variation but at the very least your corporate gym should have the basic five.

What to think about when choosing corporate gym equipment

When you want to set up a gym but it’s not your main business, you want it to be stress and hassle free. High quality equipment that you can rely on is important, and finding a provider that can offer servicing and maintence plans as well as back their products with full warranties is essential.

At GED we understand that you don’t have time to spare to fix and maintain your gym equipment, which is why we offer Australia wide servicing and maintenance plans, and stand by our products with industry best warranties.


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Corporate gyms are not just for urban-based businesses. Those in more remote locations can benefit just as much, or even more from setting up and maintaining a corporate gym for their employees. There is often a lack of availability of commercial gyms in more remote areas, which means that having access to high quality gym equipment at work is greatly appreciated by employees.

Maintenance can be challenging when you are in a remote area and many companies struggle to find someone to regularly service and maintain their equipment when they are based off the beaten track. This can be a deterrent to setting up a corporate gym – you don’t want to spend money on equipment, only to have it break down and sit unused, or worse, cause an accident or injury to an employee.

At Gym Equipment Direct we love the challenge of helping companies in remote and regional areas set up and maintain their corporate gym. We’re one of the few gym equipment providers who are truly national and we work across all states and locations with organisations of all different shapes and sizes from big corporations to smaller community centres and not for profits. 

We have delivered and installed equipment for customers across the country including remote locations like:

  • Howard Springs, NT
  • Warialda, Country NSW
  • Albion Park, NSW
  • Alice Springs, NT
  • Gold Coast, QLD
  • Albury, NSW
  • Geraldton, WA
  • Yeppoon, QLD
  • Toowoomba, QLD
  • Seymour, Country VIC

As well as our national clients, we have also helped set up fully functional gyms for many international clients including countries Africa and Papua New Guinea to name a few.

We can help with every aspect of setting up and maintaining your corporate gym from finance options to helping with the fit out. Ongoing maintenance can be provided with a maintenance plan that also provides the option for an extended warranty for additional peace of mind (extra essential when help is a few hours or even days away!).

The strength of the global brands we supply ensures we are only offering the highest quality equipment available in the industry, manufactured in factories that have the most adavnced technology and processes in the world. Designed with safety, reliability and durability in mind, the equipment we provide can help you ensure that your gym is a worthwhile and long lasting investment for your business and employees, wherever they might be located. 

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Setting up a corporate gym is exciting but unfortunately it can also be a headache at times. With OH&S considerations to think about as well as the general logistics of where everything is going to go it’s no wonder many people find the process challenging

No matter what the scale of your corporate gym, it’s always worth taking the time to find a great design and layout. Even the most well equipped corporate gym in the world isn’t going to serve its purpose if the layout isn’t well thought out, machines are too close together or the environment is unappealing.

At GED we can help you design and set up a corporate gym that is not only practical and safe, but that is also attractive and appealing to work out in.

What to think about when setting up a corporate gym

There are a few things you can do to make sure your corporate gym is set up for optimum use of space and safety. For ease of use it’s a good idea to group like-minded items together, so you have all your cardio equipment in one area, weights in another and an area for stretching or strength equipment elsewhere.

Make sure the flow between the different areas is smooth and there are no obstacles blocking the way. This is important both from convenience and from a safety perspective. Blocked passageways can lead to tripping hazards and accidents as well as difficulty for users getting between and around equipment.

Take particular care where you position your free weights. These weights are popular with a certain subgroup of exercisers who may not mix well with other types using the gym. It’s usually not a good idea to position the free weights next to the pin loaded weights as the two different types of people using the equipment may not be comfortable working out side by side.

Tools that can help with gym planning

A floor planner can be a huge help when you’re planning your corporate gym. Gym Equipment Direct has a specialised gym planning tool which is free to use and lets you see exactly how your gym equipment will fit into the space and move it around to find the best configuration. Once you have a finalised design you’re happy with, you can email, print or save it, along with an itemised list of the gym and fitness products included. 

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Proving that no project is too big or small, Calibre Fitness recently completed a job in Darwin, fitting out a gym for the Laing O’Rourke mining accommodation village. This huge commercial gym provides facilities for workers living in the village and uses Calibre’s state of the art equipment and machinery throughout.

A fully equipped cardio floor includes stationery bikes, treadmills and cross trainers, in addition to a spin studio.

There is plenty of choice of strength equipment on offer, from body weight stations, to upper and lower body machines, free weights, racks and cable machines.

With a great layout, top of the range equipment and a spacious, airy feel, this gym is sure to help the residents of the village get the best possible results from their training, in a safe and comfortable workout environment.

If you’re looking for a commercial gym for your next corporate project, speak to the experts. At Calibre Fitness we can help you design and equip your gym with top of the range equipment, offering a total solution package from start to finish. 

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The weather is starting to get cooler and for many people the temperature is not the only thing that drops at this time of year. Motivation to go to the gym can be at an all time low during winter which can be frustrating, especially if you’ve worked your backside off (literally) all summer to get that beach body.

If you’re one of those who likes to hibernate during winter, or you find it difficult to get to the gym for other reasons, getting some basic equipment to have at home can help you stay fit and healthy without even having to leave the house.

A multi gym piece is a great investment and it will help you get better results than you are likely to see from sticking a treadmill in the corner of your living room. While it’s fairly easy to get a good cardio workout away from the gym, strength training without the right equipment can be more of a challenge and this is what your home gym should focus on.

Why is strength training important?

Strength training gives you a whole body workout and helps your body build muscle. The more muscle you have, the more energy it takes to upkeep it and this means that your body will burn calories much more effectively without you having to do any additional exercise.

What strength training equipment is best for home?

A multi gym piece lets you work out every muscle in your body with just one piece of gym equipment. This is great for saving space and money and the results from using this type of equipment can be outstanding.

At Calibre Fitness we have 16 different gyms available and we recommend the Body-Solid Fusion 500 Personal Trainer, the G5S Single Stack Gym and the G10B Bi-Angular Gym for home use. Great for all fitness levels, space requirements and lifestyles a multi gym piece like one of these can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and meet your fitness goals without having to leave the house.

The Body-Solid Fusion 500 Personal Trainer features six different stations, including chest press, lat pulldown, ab crunch, perfect pec station, leg extension and seated row. There is also a 210 Lb. alloy weight stack with state-of-the-art nylon bushings for super smooth and quiet operation.

The G5S Single Stack Gym is easy to use and space saving, particularly suitable for anyone who wishes to workout at home, for both body builders or people that are looking to tone up their bodies.

The G10B Bi-Angular Gym allows up to two users to use the machine at the same time, making it a training partner friendly gym. It features bi-angular press arms, lat pulldown, ab crunch, perfect pec station, leg extension and seated row, plus 210 lb. alloy weight stack, so you can have everything you need at hand.

Workout Charts:


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