Buying a gift for a fitness fanatic has never been easier, whether they’re a fitness Newbie or a Seasoned Athlete. Here is our round-up of the 10 best fitness related gifts you can give this Christmas.

1. Kettlebells

Kettlebells are a very good way to do strength training at home. Whereas barbells take up a lot of space and require a bench and safety rack, kettlebells do not require any additional apparatus. They come on many sizes depending on the strength of the individual and the exercises that they perform. For basic two-handed swings a man generally starts with a 12kg – 16kg kettlebell and women are likely to start with 4kg – 8kg.

Price: Calibre Fitness Kettlebells come in 3 different styles and start at just $11.40 for a 4kg kettlebell. More information can be found here!

2. Heart Rate Monitor

A heart rate monitor is very useful for athletes and runners who are trying to get as fit as possible. Also, many people like to workout in their chosen heart-rate zone to ensure that they do a steady and controlled fitness session. A watch with built-in heart rate monitor is an excellent gadget for any fitness enthusiast. A seasoned fitness pro will appreciate a more “advanced” heart rate monitor that tracks parameters such as distance and speed along with heart rate and calorie burn.

Price: A basic heart rate monitor costs about $50. An advanced monitor will set you back $150+

3. Boot Camp Classes

Boot camps were once only the domain of the military, but nowadays the fitness industry has heeded the boot camp call after directly observing the kind of staggering physical results that can be delivered by using a bit of old-school discipline. Don’t let this put you off as fitness boot camps are now designed to keep you wanting to come back for more (so there is no ego-bruising bellowing, but instead more helpful hollering to encourage you along as you are put through your paces) and, believe it or not, they are ultimately a lot of fun.

Price: Boot camp prices will vary, but generally be $15-25 per session.

4. Skipping Rope

Many people today have dismissed skipping as an old school form of exercise or people forgotten about skipping altogether. However, it’s making a big comeback and is now a staple exercise in any conditioning workout and athletic training, like CrossFit and Boot Camps. Skipping is an excellent form of exercise that can be done anywhere. A skipping rope is also a great gift especially for someone who travels a lot on business.

Price: Calibre Fitness has 3 Types of Skipping ropes: Standard skipping rope- $8, Deluxe Speed Rope- $15 & Heavy Duty leather rope- $20

5. Annual Subscription to a Magazine

There are so many good health and fitness websites now that it is easy to forget about the good old-fashioned magazines. A magazine subscription can be a really nice gift as it is not something many people think to buy. Many magazines have articles that are of a very high quality and go into more detail than is often found on websites. These monthly journals can really help a fitness enthusiast to improve their knowledge and understanding of fitness.

Price: An annual subscription to Men’s Health magazine cost $79

6. A Sports Massage

This is another gift that is often very well received. Few people think to book themselves a massage; however, few people fail to appreciate them after receiving one. A good massage does more than just relax; it helps to reduce aches and pains, flexes the joints and can improve range of motion. This all helps to decrease the risk of injury and therefore makes exercise more effective in the long-term.

Price: Sports massages generally start around $50 for 30 minutes. Most massage centres will also have Gift Vouchers available.

7. Resistance Bands

For the fitness buff that travels or works out at home, resistance bands are an ideal gift. With resistance bands, you can get a strength workout almost anywhere. The lucky recipient can use them to do strength exercises at home when they don’t want to go to the gym or drop them in their suitcase when they travel. Resistance bands are not only versatile – they keep constant tension on the muscle during an exercise. You don’t get that with free weights or dumbbells. Plus, you can use them to work almost every muscle in your body. What fitness lover wouldn’t appreciate that?

Price: Calibre Fitness Resistance bands range from $19-$39.

8. Pedometer

A pedometer is a gift that both newbies and veteran exercisers can appreciate. For someone new to the world of exercise, wearing a pedometer is a source of motivation, encouraging them to take more steps. But even a fitness pro wants to know how much they’re moving around during their busy day. You can find pedometers at all price points. A pedometer is a gift that almost anyone can use to track their steps and as a motivator to get up and move around more.

Price: You would be able to find basic pedometer’s from about $20, ranging up to $60-70 for one with more advanced features.

9. iPod Shuffle

This itty bitty music maker comes in 8 colours and lets you have all the musical fun without the weight and bulk of an iPhone or iPod. With up to 15 hours of playtime, runners and triathlon athletes can enjoy music for miles and miles. With the voice over feature, it’s easy to find the right playlist or find out the name of the band playing at that moment because it talks to you. Cute, convenient, portable and smart – you can’t go wrong! Just clip it to your clothes and go!

Price: iPod Shuffles are a steal at only $55.

10. GymBoss

This interval timer turns into a trainer that tells you when to work, and when to rest. Adding a timed component to training majorly boosts intensity. Trade sets and reps for a predetermined time of work and rest, like 40 seconds on and 20 seconds off. A great tool to add to anyone’s fitness tool box. Just clip the GymBoss to your clothes and get ready for muscles to burn – and your body to sweat!

Price: Gymboss interval trainers starts at $25.

... Or, if you’re still not sure what the perfect gift is? Why not let them decide and buy them a Calibre Gift Voucher! Vouchers are can be found here and are available for amounts ranging from $25-$500.