The Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival is undoubtedly the highlight of the racing year in Australia is also a highlight of many people's social calendars as well. Below are some do's and don'ts to follow to ensure you have the best time possible.

DO embrace your inner Gatsby. Utilise the resurgence of everything Great Gatsby to create your perfect trackside outfit. Go for a feathered flapper headband or a tight fitting twenties cloche!

DO the blue. For men, blue is the colour of this Spring Carnival. Stay away from the darker colours and rock a lighter blue or grey suit to stand out from the crowd.

DON'T be afraid to add some flair. Normal ties, skinny ties and bow ties are all acceptable racing attire. Add a matching pocket square or tie clip to reflect your personality.

DO give your shoes a trial run. We all know it's going to be a long day and nothing will ruin your day like shoes that are a fraction too small!

DON'T Go too short. It's a racetrack, not a nightclub. The recommended dress length is to the knee. So if you're questioning whether it's too short, it probably is.

DO take an umbrella. Melbourne is notorious for its unpredictable weather. Regardless of the forecast, there is always a chance of rain. Packing an umbrella will ensure the rain won't ruin your mood or your beautiful dress!

DON'T overdo the fake tan. If you feel you 100% have to wear fake tan, just evenly apply a small amount. The oompa loompa is never a good races look.

DO be sun smart. There's nothing worse than getting sunburnt at the races. Make sure sunscreen is in your essentials bag!

DON'T wear ridiculous footwear. We're not saying you can't wear a heel, but sky high stilettos and the uneven lawn of the race track have never been a good combination. It might also be an idea to take a pair of flats for afterwards. Barefoot is never the answer.

DO hydrate. It's inevitable that a fairly large amount of alcohol will be consumed throughout the day, try to balance it out with water to keep for from getting dehydrate and help the hang over the next day!

DO hat it up. Headwear isn't just for the ladies. Channel your inner Jay Gatsby and don a classic fedora this Spring Carnival.

DON'T forget your emergency kit. Bandaids, lip gloss, sunscreen

DO man up and wear a rose. Wear the right rose too: Cecil Brunner Rose at Cox Plate, Cornflower at Derby Day, Yellow Rose at the Melbourne Cup, Pink Rose at the Oaks and a Red Rose at Stakes day!

DON'T go overboard. We've all seen people in pretty average shape late in the day. Take it easy early on to make sure you get through all the races without embarrassing yourself.

DO have a punt. Have a betting limit and stick to it... But having a punt throughout the day definitely adds excitement!