The squat is one of the key primal movements that we perform every day however most of us tend to neglect the overwhelming benefits of performing the front squat when we visit the gym.

When we look around the gym, more often than not you will see the vast majority of individuals performing the traditional back squat.

There have been numerous scientific studies in the past that have highlighted the benefits of the front squat.

Firstly, and I believe most importantly, front squats enforce good squat technique. Too often lower back pain occurs as a result of poor technique or 'cheating' when performing a back squat. However, when conducting a front squat if you try to cheat it is game over. If your torso moves too far forward (common with back squats) you will drop the weight. This encourages correct squat technique through keeping your torso erect, which in turn can be directly transferred to back squats.

Secondly, front squats have been proven to be a great tool for training the core. A recent study found that activity in the spinal erector and rectus abdominal muscle was higher when performing a front squat compared to a back squat. It has even been suggested that this can be an effective modality for training the core. This is due to the core muscles being used to stabilize the trunk during a multi joint movement (represents movements associated with daily living). This represents a functional crossover to everyday living that is much higher than the traditional core exercise 'the plank'.

Another benefit of the front squat is the direct transference to Olympic lifts. With the increasing popularity of Olympic lifts, front squats will help those wanting to improve their "cleans" through providing proper technique for the catch portion of the clean.

Next time you are at the gym, why don't you try something different - shift that bar to the front and start reaping the benefits of the front squat!