The deadlift has been one of the primal lifts that has been used for decades in strength training, however, it can also be one of the most dangerous lifts if not performed correctly.

Traditionally the deadlift is performed with a straight bar and all too often I hear people complaining about sore or stiff backs after deadlift exercises.

The deadlift is a movement that we perform in everyday living and a popular exercise in the gym, therefore, it is an essential part of any training program. Here is a variation you can try to take some of that stress off your back.

Introducing the Olympic Diamond Trap Bar.

The diamond shape allows the user to perform the exercise while standing inside the bar. This then brings your centre of mass back in towards the body rather than in front of your body with straight bar deadlifts. When your centre of mass is moved in front of you body this in turn puts the lower back (erector spinae) under more stress to keep you from falling over. Also with your centre of mass being within your body this allows you to use more of your quads than the posterior chain and now gives you the ability to perform squat jumps using the same muscles that directly crossover to jumping. This will help improve your explosiveness and vertical jump.

The Calibre Fitness Olympic Diamond Trap Bar is built to take a pounding and last a lifetime. The bar is made by a one-piece forged construction giving you the ultimate workout and peace of mind knowing that your bar is the best. Additionally, the bar is ergonomically designed and has two different handle heights to allow the user to begin the lift from different positions. It also accommodates the taller individuals by being more comfortable to lift.

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