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Steve: This is Steve at Calibre Fitness, speaking with Jarrad Waite of the Carlton Football Club. How are you doing, Jarrad?

Jarrad: Good Thanks, Steve.

Steve: Could you describe your typical training week?

Jarrad: In our typical training week, we will train 2-3 times a week depending if we play a Saturday or Sunday. If we play a Saturday, we train on Monday and Wednesday. We have weights in the afternoon, so usually train for anything between 1 – 1.5 hours, rest for about 1 hour, go have a meal and recharge the batteries and then jump into weights, usually 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. So we do that twice a week, then we usually have either the Tuesday or Thursday off, and the other day we come in and have a bit of touch, bit of goal kicking, a few meetings and stuff like that. Then the day before a game it’s usually just a light training session, half an hour max, a few ‘feel good’ drills and then in to a meeting.

Steve: What is your diet like?

Jarrad: My diet is a lot better than it used to be. Obviously, the way football is becoming more professional, and the players becoming more fit and looking after their bodies, you really have to maintain your diet and you can’t really eat poorly these days, almost more for recovery. We have a full time dietician. You speak to him more when you’re injured to make sure you don’t lose too much weight and keep the fat off. So yeh... Diet is very important.

Steve: In your footy career, you’ve spent time both in the forward and back line, which do you prefer and why?

Jarrad: I enjoy the forward line. I feel it’s a bit more challenging... and you get to kick goals, haha. It can be very frustrating playing forwards at times, because you are so reliant on other players. But I probably enjoy playing forward more for those reasons.

Steve: ... And you found it an easy transition from back to forward?

Jarrad: Yeh, I always have, it’s never been that difficult for me to transition, I suppose that was probably why I was used in that sort of role so much, because it wasn’t that hard for me.

Steve: Did you always want to play for Carlton?

Jarrad: Yeh, I did. Obviously Dad played there. When I was younger, I sort of went away from barracking for Carlton, I barracked for Essendon for a little bit, because I had brother-in-laws and cousins who went for them. But deep down, I knew if I was going to get drafted, it’d be to Carlton.

Steve: So you don’t see yourself going anywhere else?

Jarrad: Haha, Not at my age. I think I’m going to be a one-club man.

Steve: So this year, you’ve been elevated to Carlton’s leadership group, what added responsibilities have you taken on?

Jarrad: The only thing that’s changed is I take more of a role leading the forwards. I take a few of their meetings and help develop the younger forwards. I go through their tapes most weeks, critique their games. Myself and Johnnie Barker, who’s our forwards coach, go through their tapes, which helps my development if I ever want to go down that path and obviously hopefully I’ll be able to help the younger guys.

Steve: You’ve been fairly plagued by injuries over the past few years, how’s your fitness at the moment?

Jarrad: At the moment, I’ve hurt my back a bit, so I’m probably still a couple of weeks away from playing, but before that, it was good. I was feeling good, and got over my groin issues, but unfortunately my back’s reared its head up. It’s pretty frustrating, but I’m doing everything right to keep my fitness up, so when it comes good I’ll be right to go again.

Steve: Is there anything in particular you’re doing to keep your body right?

Jarrad: A lot of maintenance work on my body. A lot of hip exercises and leg weights to keep strength through my legs and core, a lot of pilates too. So there are a few things we can do, and it really is helping.

Steve: Even though only a few weeks ago, Carlton were the premiership favourites... Now people are questioning whether you’ll make the 8... And now with Marc Murphy out injured, how have things changed around the club?

Jarrad: Even when we were ‘premiership favourites’... We didn’t really think we were. We wanted to finish top 4 and knew that was the expectation at the club. We will make the 8; I have no issues with that. Murph is obviously a massive loss... But it gives someone that hasn’t been getting a game the opportunity to take his position. I’m pretty sure Murph will get it back when he’s right, but it’s an opportunity for someone else to step up and fill his spot.

Steve: Who do you feel is the best player you’ve played with or against?

Jarrad: The best player I’ve played against would be either Jonathan Brown or Nick Riewoldt. Obviously 2 very talented players, 2 different players, even though Jonathan Brown’s as big as he was, he was still very aerobic and Nick Riewoldt just worked so hard from one end of the ground to the other. Blokes that I’ve played with, probably Andrew McKay, very hard at it, very diligent backmen and was someone who when I first got to the club, I looked up to... And obviously Chris Judd.

Steve: You’re coming up for your 150th game, What’s been the highlight of your career to date?

Jarrad: There’s been a couple. Obviously 1st game is always a highlight, first time you run out on a ground is very exciting and a moment you never forget. Another highlight is my first final that we played against Sydney a couple of years ago, we lost that... but almost should have won it. Then a couple of victories where we’ve come from behind, a few years ago against Essendon were down by 50-60 points and came back and won. So they’re probably the 3 that I’ll always remember.

Steve: And Finally... How quickly do you get around Princess Park?

Jarrad: Not as quick as I used to. My best time is 10:26, which was about 7-8 years ago. I was a bit lighter of frame. But I haven’t had a year when I haven’t got under 11 minutes. Some of the boys are getting low 10s these days, Andrew Walker and that. I don’t think I’ll ever get that quick again, but if I continue to get under 11, I’ll be pretty happy.

Steve: Fantastic, Thanks for your time Jarrad.

Jarrad: No Worries, Steve!