Setting up a corporate gym is exciting but unfortunately it can also be a headache at times. With OH&S considerations to think about as well as the general logistics of where everything is going to go it’s no wonder many people find the process challenging

No matter what the scale of your corporate gym, it’s always worth taking the time to find a great design and layout. Even the most well equipped corporate gym in the world isn’t going to serve its purpose if the layout isn’t well thought out, machines are too close together or the environment is unappealing.

At GED we can help you design and set up a corporate gym that is not only practical and safe, but that is also attractive and appealing to work out in.

What to think about when setting up a corporate gym

There are a few things you can do to make sure your corporate gym is set up for optimum use of space and safety. For ease of use it’s a good idea to group like-minded items together, so you have all your cardio equipment in one area, weights in another and an area for stretching or strength equipment elsewhere.

Make sure the flow between the different areas is smooth and there are no obstacles blocking the way. This is important both from convenience and from a safety perspective. Blocked passageways can lead to tripping hazards and accidents as well as difficulty for users getting between and around equipment.

Take particular care where you position your free weights. These weights are popular with a certain subgroup of exercisers who may not mix well with other types using the gym. It’s usually not a good idea to position the free weights next to the pin loaded weights as the two different types of people using the equipment may not be comfortable working out side by side.

Tools that can help with gym planning

A floor planner can be a huge help when you’re planning your corporate gym. Gym Equipment Direct has a specialised gym planning tool which is free to use and lets you see exactly how your gym equipment will fit into the space and move it around to find the best configuration. Once you have a finalised design you’re happy with, you can email, print or save it, along with an itemised list of the gym and fitness products included.