With the 2013 NBA Draft fast approaching, it's time to break out our list of the top draft prospect in each position.

Much has been said about this crop not being as star-studded as years past. And that might be true.

Find out as we break down the best at each spot on the floor.

Point Guard:

Name: Trey Burke
University: Michigan
Height: 6'0"
Age: 20

A year ago, Michigan Wolverines star Trey Burke was a great prospect, but decided to return for his sophomore season.

It turned out to be a terrific move, as he took over the college hoops world and earned himself a rock-solid stock as we approach this year's draft. Whoever lands him will thoroughly enjoy his competitiveness and dangerous combination of scoring and facilitating.

Worried about his 6'0" stature? Don't be, because Burke's wingspan is 6'5.5" and his vertical leap is 36.5".

Don't expect him to fall any further than No. 7 on draft night.

Shooting Guard:

Name: Ben McLemore
University: Kansas
Height: 6'4"
Age: 20

It's tough to find shooting guards who shoot 50 percent from the field, 42 percent from three and 87 percent from the free-throw line in the Big 12 Conference.

That's what Ben McLemore brings to the table.

Oh, I forgot to mention that he's 20 years young, has a 42" vertical and 6'8" wingspan.

This surefire top-five pick may not be as highly-touted as top picks in the past, but he has a good chance to be an All-Star, if not a superstar, at the next level.

McLemore's smooth, poised style of play enhances his shooting skills and athletic acumen.

Small Forward:

Name: Otto Porter
University: Georgetown
Height: 6'8"
Age: 19

In 2011-12, Georgetown small forward Otto Porter was a solid defensive role player who could pass and score when necessary.

In 2012-13, he proved to be the most complete player in college hoops.

Porter was called upon to carry the Hoyas offense, and he delivered, exhibiting an NBA-ready jump shot to go along with his playmaking and defense.

With his 6'8" frame and top-notch court awareness, he'll be able to help out his pro club in almost every facet of the game.

Power Forward:

Name: Anthony Bennett
University: UNLV
Height: 6'7"
Age: 20

From autumn to the spring, UNLV forward Anthony Bennett went from late-first round prospect to likely top-five pick.

How? By using his size and versatility to shoot 53 percent and score 16 points per game as a freshman.

Bennett is 240 pounds, yet he seems light on his feet both laterally and vertically. His explosiveness allows him to finish over most power forwards, while his height and length allows him to shoot over small forwards on the perimeter.

He'll not only be able to guard multiple positions, he'll be able to score against any position in the NBA.


Name: Nerlens Noel
University: Kentucky
Height: 6'11"
Age: 19

Even though he tore his ACL, missed a third of Kentucky's season, and weighed a feathery 206 pounds at the combine, Nerlens Noel is the top centre in the 2013 draft class.

He has what it takes to change games defensively, using his mobility, instincts and athleticism to alter tons of shots. On the other end of the floor, he's still a work in progress, but "progress" is the key word.

Comparing him to Anthony Davis was unfair, because they are two different players who played with different supporting casts.

Noel is still an elite prospect because he could be one of the top defensive players in the NBA while being a decent threat offensively.