Would you like to get better results from your workout in half the time? You may have heard of high intensity training, often known as high intensity interval training (HIIT). More than just another exercise fad, HIIT is a proven way to burn fat and improve your fitness by increasing the efficiency of your workouts rather than exercising for longer.

What is high intensity training?

HIIT is a training method where you work out in short sharp bursts of activity, alternated with rest periods. Working at an intense rate for short periods of time has been shown by numerous studies, including a recent study from Liverpool John Moores University and the University of Birmingham in the UK to be more efficient at fat burning, improving cardiovascular health and building and maintaining muscle than continuous workouts of the same length of time.

There are plenty of reasons to give HIIT a try! Here are four of our favourites:

  1. 1.Time. HIIT workouts usually only last for 30 minutes or so, making them easy for most people to fit in regularly and most importantly, to stick to over the long term.
  2. 2.Increased metabolism. This means that even once you’ve finished working out, your body is still burning calories more effectively and will continue to do so for around 24-48 hours.
  3. 3.Improved aerobic capacity. There have been a number of studies involving endurance athletes who have seen better results after a short program of high intensity intervals than after a longer program of continuous endurance exercise when it came to their aerobic capacity.
  4. 4.Preserves muscle. For people trying to lose weight, it can be frustrating to go on a diet only to lose muscle mass along with the fat. This can be a problem for those who stick to continuous cardio type exercise, but strength training using HIIT methods can help you preserve your muscles so you drop the weight from where you want it to go.

Although they are short, HIIT workouts make up for the reduction in time with their intensity. It’s important that you allow plenty of time to recover between sessions, especially if you are new to HIIT.

HIIT is well worth a try if you are looking to reach your fitness goals faster, or get great results in less time. You don’t have to be a world-class athlete to give it a go, HIIT is suited to all ages and levels of fitness.

Sample Workout:

1:1 Ratio Workout

3-Minutes intense workout followed by 3-minute low intensity workout. Repeat that 3-5 times.

Spring Interval Training Method

30 seconds of ‘sprint or near full-out effort’, followed by 4 to 4.5 minutes of recovery. Repeated up to times.

To get started, we recommend our Calibre Fitness R5 Recumbent Bike in the gym, which will allow you to warm up, sprint hard, and slow down. It is a simple HIIT workout, and you can repeat the workout for a total of 8 rounds (4 minutes total).