Having an on site gym can be beneficial for any business. A healthier workforce mean less time off sick and increased productivity, and perks like a company gym can help you attract and retain high quality employees. For many companies, a gym on site is a must-have but it’s important to be aware that corporate gyms have different requirements to home gyms and commercial gyms.

What are the must have pieces for a corporate gym?

When you are looking to equip your corporate gym, the best pieces are low maintenance or even maintenance free while still giving great results. At GED we recommend that at the very minimum you have:

1.Strength pieces. Strength equipment is essential for all stages and levels of fitness as it helps to build muscle mass, thereby reducing body fat and helping to burn more calories even when at rest. A variety of strength pieces are a good idea so that your employees can get a full body workout.

2.Cable machine or functional trainer. This is a highly versatile piece of strength equipment, which is very space efficient and lets users work a whole range of different muscles.

3.Exercise Bike. Most people are familiar with using stationary bikes and it’s a good idea to have at least one available. Great for low impact cardio and strength training, the bike also helps build lower body strength and endurance.

4.Cross trainer. The cross trainer or elliptical trainer is low impact to reduce strain on joints while offering a great cardiovascular workout. Cross trainers are very popular in commercial gyms, and a must have for corporate gyms.

5.Treadmill. Another staple for any gym, a treadmill lets your employees get a good cardiovascular workout and build their endurance even when it’s dark and pouring with rain outside.

These five pieces of equipment can cover most fitness types and give your employees some variation in their workouts so they don’t get bored. Of course there are plenty of other pieces you can add for extra variation but at the very least your corporate gym should have the basic five.

What to think about when choosing corporate gym equipment

When you want to set up a gym but it’s not your main business, you want it to be stress and hassle free. High quality equipment that you can rely on is important, and finding a provider that can offer servicing and maintence plans as well as back their products with full warranties is essential.

At GED we understand that you don’t have time to spare to fix and maintain your gym equipment, which is why we offer Australia wide servicing and maintenance plans, and stand by our products with industry best warranties.