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Product Code: MK-WMBRR
Wall Mounted Band & Rope Rack
Our Price: A$50.00
Product Code: MK-DEADB-20
Dead Ball- 20Kg
Our Price: A$99.00
Product Code: MK-DEADB-25
Dead Ball - 25Kg
Our Price: A$119.00
Product Code: MK-MEDBALL-2
Medicine Ball- 2Kg
Our Price: A$44.00
Product Code: MK-MEDBALL-4
Medicine Ball- 4Kg
Our Price: A$52.00
Product Code: MK-MEDBALL-6
Medicine Ball- 6Kg
Our Price: A$64.00
Product Code: MK-MEDBALL-8
Medicine Ball- 8Kg
Our Price: A$75.00
Product Code: MK-MEDBALL-10
Medicine Ball- 10Kg
Our Price: A$90.00
Product Code: MK-MEDBALL5P
Single Sided Medicine Ball Stand
Our Price: A$220.00
Product Code: PKG-MODRACK
Modular Storage Rack
Our Price: A$1,320.00
Product Code: MK-GFSTEP
Group Fitness Step (6 Risers)
Our Price: A$299.00
Group Fitness Barbell Set (Pump Set)- 37.5kgs
Our Price: A$290.00
Group Fitness Barbell Set Rack
Our Price: A$395.00
Product Code: CHALK-B
Weightlifting Chalk Bowl
Our Price: A$160.00
Product Code: MK-RRSL
Rubber Rollout Speed Ladder (4.5m)
Our Price: A$80.00
Product Code: MK-FBSR
Wall Mounted Fitness Ball Rack
Our Price: A$160.00
Product Code: MK-DEADB-15
Dead Ball- 15Kg
Our Price: A$79.00
Product Code: MK-DEADB-12
Dead Ball- 12Kg
Our Price: A$59.00
Product Code: MK-LEHURDLES
Lateral Endurance Hurdles (Set of 4)
Our Price: A$210.00
Product Code: MK-ABWH-S
Abdominal Wheel
Our Price: A$29.00
Product Code: MK-EXMAT-EVA
EVA Exercise Mat 1400 X 600 X 15Mm W/-Eyelets (Grey)
Our Price: A$50.00
Product Code: BRFM1-49
Rubber Flooring Plain Black (1-49)
Our Price: A$33.00
Product Code: BRFM50-99
Rubber Flooring Plain Black (50-99)
Our Price: A$29.90
Product Code: MK-3IN1PLYO-F
3-In-1 Foam Plyometric Box
Our Price: A$295.00
Product Code: ASTROT-20
Astro Turf Track- 2m x 20m
Our Price: A$1,980.00
Product Code: MK-DEADB-09
Dead Ball- 9Kg
Our Price: A$49.00
Product Code: SKIPR-WA
Skipping Rope (Speed Wire Rope)
Our Price: A$15.00
Skipping Rope (Adjustable)
Our Price: A$25.00
Product Code: MK-POWERBS
Power Bands (Latex- Set of 8)
Our Price: A$160.00
Product Code: MK-MBAND
Mini Power Bands (Latex- Set of 4)
Our Price: A$29.00

Items 1 to 30 of 42 total

Fitness Equipment


Fitness Equipment - Commercial & Home

It doesn’t matter if you’re hitting the gym a few days a week to burn off the calories and increase your strength, or a professional athlete striving for peak physical fitness to achieve those long term fitness goals. You need a diverse range of fitness equipment so you can challenge every part of your body in a wide variety of ways to increase cardiovascular fitness, bulk up, get ripped, tone up or burn that fat away.

At Gym Equipment Direct we have the largest range of fitness equipment imaginable, enough to fit out an entire gym with plenty left over. Variety in your exercise regime not only helps your body to achieve your goals faster, but also keeps your workouts interesting so you’ll want to train consistently. Plyometrics, battle ropes, aerobic steps, foam rollers for stretching, exercise and medicine balls, gym and exercise mats, rubber gym flooring.. the list of equipment we stock goes on. 

With the range of fitness equipment at Gym Equipment Direct, you’ll be able to offer your clients any kind of workout they’re looking for, ensuring they hit their fitness goals faster. 

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