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Body Fit Training41 item(s) found.

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Product Code: GEDBFT041
Rubber Hex Dumbbell- 2.5Kg
Our Price: A$7.50
Product Code: GEDBFT024
Competition Kettlebell - 40Kg
Our Price: A$244.00
Product Code: GEDBFT023
Competition Kettlebell - 36Kg
Our Price: A$202.00
Product Code: GEDBFT022
Competition Kettlebell - 32Kg
Our Price: A$161.00
Product Code: GEDBFT021
Competition Kettlebell - 28Kg
Our Price: A$148.00
Product Code: GEDBFT020
Competition Kettlebell - 24Kg
Our Price: A$134.00
Product Code: GEDBFT019
Competition Kettlebell - 20Kg
Our Price: A$123.00
Product Code: GEDBFT018
Competition Kettlebell - 18Kg
Our Price: A$108.00
Product Code: GEDBFT017
Competition Kettlebell - 16Kg
Our Price: A$94.00
Product Code: GEDBFT030
Medicine Ball- 2Kg
Our Price: A$27.50
Product Code: GEDBFT031
Medicine Ball- 4Kg
Our Price: A$37.50
Product Code: GEDBFT040
Skipping Rope (Speed Wire Rope)
Our Price: A$10.00
Product Code: GEDBFT039
Dura Disc
Our Price: A$28.00
Product Code: GEDBFT038
Fitness Ball- 65cm (800kgs Anti-burst)
Our Price: A$35.00
Product Code: GEDBFT037
Fitness Ball- 55cm (800kgs Anti-burst)
Our Price: A$30.00
Product Code: GEDBFT035
NBR Exercise Mat Hanging Rack (2 X Hooks)
Our Price: A$30.00
Product Code: GEDBFT034
Medicine Ball- 10Kg
Our Price: A$67.50
Product Code: GEDBFT033
Medicine Ball- 8Kg
Our Price: A$57.50
Product Code: GEDBFT032
Medicine Ball- 6Kg
Our Price: A$47.50
Product Code: GEDBFT016
Competition Kettlebell - 12Kg
Our Price: A$72.00
Product Code: GEDBFT015
Competition Kettlebell - 10Kg
Our Price: A$67.00
Product Code: GEDBFT014
Competition Kettlebell - 8Kg
Our Price: A$61.00
Product Code: GEDBFT003
Easy Lock Collars (Pr)
Our Price: A$20.00
Product Code: GEDBFT002
Olympic Weightlifting Power Bar 20KG
Our Price: A$395.00
Product Code: GEDBFT001
Olympic Weightlifting Power Bar 15KG
Our Price: A$295.00
Product Code: GEDBFT036
NBR Exercise Mats
Our Price: A$30.00
Product Code: GEDBFT029
Slam Ball- 25Kg
Our Price: A$98.00
Product Code: GEDBFT028
Slam Ball- 20Kg
Our Price: A$81.00
Product Code: GEDBFT027
Slam Ball- 15Kg
Our Price: A$64.00
Product Code: GEDBFT026
Slam Ball- 12Kg
Our Price: A$50.00

Items 1 to 30 of 41 total

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