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Weightlifting Bars & Weight Plates25 item(s) found.

25 Item(s)

Product Code: AC1001NL
Gym Chalk (8 X 55G Blocks)
Our Price: A$22.00
Product Code: PACKAGE-U250
250Kg Rubber Olympic Weight Plate Package
Our Price: A$775.00
Product Code: PACKAGE-U100
100Kg Olympic Rubber Weight Plate Package
Our Price: A$315.00
Product Code: PBAR15KG
Olympic Weightlifting Power Bar 15KG- Women
Our Price: A$295.00
Product Code: HLP426-
Olympic Rubber Weight Plate (50Mm Diameter)
Our Price: A$3.20
Product Code: ROTP
Premium Bumper Plates
Our Price: A$32.50
Product Code: CSL10N
MasterKraft Premier Olympic Weight Plate Tree
Our Price: A$445.00
Product Code: AS4220NL
Wall Mounted Barbell Rack (holds 8 x bars)
Our Price: A$130.00
Product Code: POWERBAR20KG
Olympic Weightlifting Power Bar 20KG- Men
Our Price: A$395.00
Product Code: WLP-INT
Weightlifting Platforms
Our Price: A$1,760.00
Product Code: AS7001NL
Ultimate Storage Rack #01
Our Price: A$1,049.00
Product Code: PACKAGE-R
100Kg Premium Bumper Plate Set
Our Price: A$635.00
Product Code: PACKAGE-P(S)
Steel Kettlebell Set & Kettlebell Rack Package (4-28Kgs + Rack)
Our Price: A$655.00
Product Code: OTPSR
Bumper Plate Disc Rack
Our Price: A$165.00
Product Code: AS7017
MasterKraft Advanced Olympic Weight Plate Tree
Our Price: A$399.00 Original Price: A$434.00
Product Code: ELCOLLAR
Easy Lock Collars (Pr)
Our Price: A$20.00
Product Code: HL2001A
Olympic Barbell- 7Ft Chrome (1500Lb Capacity)
Our Price: A$179.00
Product Code: HL2001C
Olympic Barbell- 7Ft Chrome (300Lb Capacity)
Our Price: A$119.00
Product Code: HL2004B
Olympic Barbell- 6Ft Chrome
Our Price: A$109.00
Product Code: HL2008
Olympic Barbell- 47" EZ Chrome
Our Price: A$75.00
Product Code: HLDB105R
Chrome Dumbbell Set (1-10kg) W/- Rack
Our Price: A$908.00
Product Code: OBCDT
Olympic Diamond Trap Bar
Our Price: A$249.00
Product Code: OBR9B
Olympic Bar Rack (Holds 9 X Bars)
Our Price: A$125.00
Product Code: OC-07
Olympic Spring Collar (Pr)
Our Price: A$14.00
Product Code: AS7002NL
Ultimate Storage Rack #02
Our Price: A$799.00

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Weightlifting Bars & Weight Plates

Weightlifting Bars, Weight Plates For Sale

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