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Product Code: PACKAGE-N225
12.5-25Kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set & Dumbbell Rack Package (6PRS)
Our Price: A$899.00
Product Code: PACKAGE-N110
1-10Kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set (10PRS)
Our Price: A$325.00
Product Code: MK7007
MasterKraft Premier 45 Degree Hyperextension Bench
Our Price: A$699.00
Product Code: CSL19
Incline T-Bar Row Machine
Our Price: A$949.00
Product Code: C2ROWERE
Concept 2 Rowing Machine- Model 'E' w/- PM4 Console
Our Price: A$1,860.00
Top Seller
Product Code: C2ROWERD
Concept 2 Rowing Machine- Model 'D' w/- PM4 Console
Our Price: A$1,750.00
Product Code: SLAMBALL10KG
Slam Ball- 10Kg
Our Price: A$55.00
Product Code: PACKAGE-N550
5-50Kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set (10PRS)
Our Price: A$1,629.00
Product Code: PACKAGE-O
Vertical Dumbbell Tower & Dumbbell Set (10PRS)
Our Price: A$529.00
Product Code: KB-30
Pro Grade Steel Kettlebell
Our Price: A$40.00
Product Code: WS16B-
Steel Kettlebells
Our Price: A$3.50
Product Code: HLDB
Rubber Hex Dumbbells
Our Price: A$3.00
Product Code: PACKAGE-N200
10-30Kg Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set & Dumbbell Rack Package (5PRS)
Our Price: A$849.00
Product Code: WALLBALLPK
Wall Ball Pack- 1/8, 12, 14, 20Lb
Our Price: A$245.00
Product Code: TR1001NL
Extreme Core Trainer
Our Price: A$189.00
Product Code: PWRING-W
Power Rings (Wooden)
Our Price: A$65.00
Product Code: PACKAGE-U100
100Kg Olympic Rubber Weight Plate Package
Our Price: A$315.00
Product Code: HLP426-
Olympic Rubber Weight Plate (50Mm Diameter)
Our Price: A$3.20
Product Code: AR3004NL
Foam Roller (6 X 36")- Commercial Grade
Our Price: A$36.00
Product Code: CF-57-TRACTOR
Deep Tissue Foam Roller- Commercial Grade (35 x 15cm)
Our Price: A$35.00
Product Code: CF-57-TRACTOR-XL
Deep Tissue Foam Roller- Commercial Grade (78 x 15cm)
Our Price: A$75.00
Product Code: PWRING-PR
Power Rings (Black)
Our Price: A$55.00
Product Code: AV1030HC
Weight Vest 30KG (Weight Blocks Included)
Our Price: A$195.00
Product Code: AV2010HC
Weight Vest 10KG (Weight Blocks Included)
Our Price: A$110.00
Product Code: PACKAGE-P(S)
Steel Kettlebell Set & Kettlebell Rack Package (4-28Kgs + Rack)
Our Price: A$655.00
Product Code: PACKAGE-R
100Kg Premium Bumper Plate Set
Our Price: A$635.00
Product Code: PWROPE1.5/15
15M Power Rope (1.5" Thickness) W/- Casing
Our Price: A$165.00
Product Code: PWROPE2/15
15M Power Rope (2" Thickness)
Our Price: A$175.00
Product Code: SLAMBALL12KG
Slam Ball- 12Kg
Our Price: A$60.00
Product Code: SLAMBALL15KG
Slam Ball- 15Kg
Our Price: A$80.00

Items 31 to 60 of 91 total

Functional Training

Functional Training - A Serious Workout

Crossfit and functional training is the fastest growing strength and conditioning discipline on Earth. Why? Because it combines weight training, aerobics and gymnastics into one bad-ass high intensity workout that will push every part of your body to the max, achieving incredible fitness levels in no time at all. Crossfit workouts are non-stop, meaning you could get just as much benefit from a 15-minute session as you do during the one-hour weight lifting session you stroll through at the gym. If it’s good enough for professional athletes, celebrities, and the super fit guy or girl next door, it’s good enough for you.

Gym Equipment Direct - Functional Training Equipment

At Gym Equipment Direct, your cross training and functional training equipment needs are taken care of. With body weight, conditioning and strength training equipment, weight lifting bars and plates, fitness training stations and cross training racks, you will have everything you need at your finger tips for the ultimate functional training workout. We’ve personally hand picked individual equipment and complete packages to suit any experience level, and you’ll be able to set up an entire cross-fit or functional training gym in one hit.

With the range of functional training equipment at Gym Equipment Direct, you’ll be able to offer your clients the training experience they’re looking for, ensuring they hit their fitness goals faster. We guarantee you won’t find more affordable functional training equipment anywhere in Australia. We are your cross training and functional training equipment specialists.

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