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Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Barbells, Weights49 item(s) found.

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Product Code: HLDB
Rubber Hex Dumbbells
Our Price: A$3.00
Product Code: DB60
Vinyl Dumbbells
Our Price: A$3.50
Product Code: HLP426-
Olympic Rubber Weight Plate (50Mm Diameter)
Our Price: A$3.20
Product Code: OC-07
Olympic Spring Collar (Pr)
Our Price: A$14.00
Product Code: WS16B-
Steel Kettlebells
Our Price: A$3.50
Product Code: RC-SDH
Single Stirrup Handle
Our Price: A$17.00
Product Code: TR
Tricep Rope- Double
Our Price: A$18.00
Product Code: ELCOLLAR
Easy Lock Collars (Pr)
Our Price: A$20.00
Product Code: RC-CGTR
Close Grip Triangle
Our Price: A$21.00
Product Code: RC-TPDB
Triceps Push Down Bar
Our Price: A$22.00
Product Code: HL2026
Standard Dumbbell Handles 14" (Dia. 28mm) W/- Screw Collars (Pair)
Our Price: A$25.00
Product Code: RC-SSB
Solid Straight Bar
Our Price: A$30.00
Product Code: ROTP
Premium Bumper Plates
Our Price: A$32.50
Product Code: HL2015
Standard Barbell- 47" Ez Curl Barbell
Our Price: A$39.00
Product Code: RC-RCRB
Revolving Curl Row Bar
Our Price: A$39.00
Product Code: RC-WDHRB
Wide D Handle Revolving Bar
Our Price: A$39.00
Product Code: KB-30
Pro Grade Steel Kettlebell
Our Price: A$40.00
Product Code: RC-LPDB
Lat Pull Down Bar
Our Price: A$48.00
Product Code: HL2008
Olympic Barbell- 47" EZ Chrome
Our Price: A$75.00
Product Code: HL2011
Olympic Dumbbell Handles- 20" Chrome (Pair)
Our Price: A$90.00
Product Code: HL2004B
Olympic Barbell- 6Ft Chrome
Our Price: A$109.00
Product Code: HL2001C
Olympic Barbell- 7Ft Chrome (300Lb Capacity)
Our Price: A$119.00
Product Code: OBR9B
Olympic Bar Rack (Holds 9 X Bars)
Our Price: A$125.00
Product Code: AS4220NL
Wall Mounted Barbell Rack (holds 8 x bars)
Our Price: A$130.00
Product Code: GDRT6
United States
Body-Solid Optional Third Tier For GDR60 Dumbbell Rack
Our Price: A$149.00
Product Code: OTPSR
Bumper Plate Disc Rack
Our Price: A$165.00
Product Code: GOWT
United States
Body-Solid Olympic Plate Tree & Bar Holder
Our Price: A$169.00
Product Code: GSWT
United States
Body-Solid Standard Plate Tree & Bar Holder
Our Price: A$169.00
Product Code: HL2001A
Olympic Barbell- 7Ft Chrome (1500Lb Capacity)
Our Price: A$179.00
Product Code: OBCDT
Olympic Diamond Trap Bar
Our Price: A$249.00

Items 1 to 30 of 49 total

Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Barbells, Weights


Dumbells, Kettlebells, Barbells & Weights For Improved Strength & Fitness

The fact is men and women who lift weights regularly are fitter and leaner than those who don’t. They are more likely to look fantastic, feel better about themselves, and are able to do everyday activities with greater ease. Weight training builds muscle mass which in turn burns fat, even long after you’ve finished your workout, giving you that toned, athletic physique you’ve always wanted. Incorporating weights such as barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells into your routine can help you fight off diseases such as diabetes, relieve aches such as lower back pain, and improve your self-esteem, all while developing a killer body.

Hit Your Fitness Goals Faster With Weight Training

At Gym Equipment Direct, we’ve got all of the weight training equipment you’ll need to reach those fitness and appearance goals you’re aiming for. We have a huge range of quality dumbells, kettlebells, barbells, dumbbell sets, weight plates, storage racks, and various accessories to ensure you hit every targeted muscle during each workout. You can select individual items to complement the equipment you already have or choose from our packages to get your gym or workout space up and running in no time. You don’t need to be a weight training professional to get started, with just a few pieces you can begin creating that body you have always wanted.

Weight Training Equipment Guarantee

All weight training equipment available at Gym Equipment Direct comes with full warranties that surpass or match industry standards. Quite simply- we only offer premium brands that back their products. Further, we will do our best to ensure we are always offering the absolute lowest price available in Australia. If we do slip up and you happen to find a cheaper price elsewhere, please just let us know and we will gladly beat it!

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